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Bienvenue ¦ Welcome to Languages and More!

We offer language courses for young and adult learners, both in person and online. Cours de langues

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Our mission is to provide a dynamic and nurturing environment to see your child grow, learn and benefit from all advantages of language training:

  • Group classes in the Geneva area
  • Summer workshops
  • Online activities

Corporate in-company training

Our mission is to target your language needs while providing cost-effective and learner-oriented services through:

  • Individual and semi-private courses
  • The Language Advisory Centre (LAC)
  • Hybrid online and face-to-face courses
  • Online courses

The Latest from our Blog

  • Les pandores. Pandoras?

    October 24, 2016

    Are you familiar with Greek mythology an do you recall the beautiful Pandora victim of her own curiosity and insubordination? She let out all evils into this world when she opened the BOX-that-should-have-stayed-unopened because she-was-told-NOT-to-open-it-under-any-circumstances. Indeed. So why do we discretely call police officers les pandores in French?? Is there a connection between curiosity and delving […]

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  • I miss you/him/her: tu me manques, il me manque, elle me manque...

    October 20, 2016

    Get ready for some brain juggling on the verb to miss! Can you spot the difference if I write: Tu me manques and in your gallant manner, you reply, I miss you, too, Maude. Inversion and personal pronouns Indeed, in English “I” do the missing, while in French, “you” are “missing” from me. This is because […]

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