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English Courses

Job interview simulation

Mock Job Interviews in English reproduce the real-life situation of a job interview. Our HR expert provides valuable advice and feedback while Languages and more focuses of your language skills and persona in English. Read more on this partnership here.

Practice Speaking English now

English Online Book Club

This is the best way to start thinking and speaking English without translating or running out of words because the right words don’t seem to be within reach, even if you have studied English for years.

Not finding the right word is not uncommon even in our native language but it happens less often and does not interfere in professional or social contexts as much.

You may have also noticed that, as your language skills grow, there’s a “new you”, and your personality takes on new colors to manage and understand. Do you know what I mean? As a matter of fact, research supports this feeling. It’s not just you feeling uneasy with a new challenge.

Reading a book or watching our careful selection of videos is a fantastic way to start speaking English, keep learning while meeting people from all over the world.

Individual or semi-private lessons

Focus on speaking to improve your grammar and pronunciation in short or longer lessons. Instructors center on your needs and goals while our flexible scheduling will fit into any busy schedule.

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French courses

We take a limited number of clients upon request.