Association Apprentissages Grand-Saconnex

More courses for you through our new association

We want to expand lifelong learning opportunities locally and have decided on an associative structure to deliver courses and learn more in Grand Saconnex and neighboring communities.

Our association’s first mission is lifelong learning, from the early school years to adult ongoing education with a focus on languages and STEAM (sciences, technology, engineering, arts and maths).

Complementing this vision, the second and third pillars are community-building through learning, and providing informal mentorship through youth/vacation jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Welcome to Apprentissages Grand-Saconnex.

What’s on the program?

In this foundational year, we have strived to propose practical, hands-on courses at reasonable prices centered on finance, languages and web site building.

Preregister here and get full course details.

— More Money for You

How would you like More Money for You? This course is about taking concrete steps to turn a passion or something you do well into a money-making opportunity or business. Unlike many courses like this, we want you to come out of the course with something functional and ready to generate revenue.

— Where did the Money Go?

Another important question is Where Did the Money Go? In this course, you’ll learn to better save and grow what you earn.

— English conversation

In Step up English, level up your English conversation across various topics and start speaking with confidence and fluidity as you engage with people from your community. Then, enhance your skills by revisiting concepts through interactive videos in our dedicated online learning space. 

— French Pronunciation

French pronunciation, anyone? More precise pronunciation makes it easier to speak and understand conversations. In other words, it’s a path to more effective communication, irrespective of your accent.

— Build your own website

Finally, to give you tools for work or leisure, you’ll learn how to structure and build your website step by step to ensure a personalized and reliable online presence.

Financial education for teens and pre-teens

Money-Savvy Superstars & Show Me the Money

Money. Its value lies in how you manage it, right?

Do you think your children would enjoy learning how to become Money-Savvy Superstars while practicing their English?

Or in Show me the Money, wouldn’t you feel good about their learning to tackle money sense early in life, a crucial step in the process of becoming a young adult?

How can I get more information?

Find course starting dates, timetables, price and other details on the preregistration form. We are grateful to the Ville du Grand-Saconnex for its support.

How do I sign up?

The instructors will send you more details after you preregister to a course (right here).

What else should I know about the association?

1. This is Switzerland: we like to vote. And you?

Make suggestions or get involved! Vote here until 25 October 2023 and suggest courses or topics you’d like to see covered.

2. Volunteer and become a part of the Founders Committee 

Apply now: we’re seeking a mix of generations. Email us directly to learn more.

3. Become a teacher

What can you teach? Email us directly and tell us more.

4. Why the name Apprentissages Grand-Saconnex?

Apprentissage is loaded with meaning!

First, it comes from the verb apprendre – to learn. In the broadest sense, apprentissage(s) is learning. You are correct that it does also mean apprenticeship. Finally, un apprentissage is also a (first) foray into learning, such as lessons learnt, foundational learning or even life lessons.

But there’s more to the story!

Despite its humble Latin origins (apprenditus – the one who has learned), Apprentissages contains the lovely word tissage or weaving (tisser – to weave, tissage – weaving(s)).

This explains our moto, Je suis le tissage des mes apprentissages, where my learning is woven into who I am.

French speakers revel in word games, too. Apprend p’etit sage is pronounced exactly like Apprentissage but it means, Learn Little Wizard! This is why we offer learning opportunities for the Petits sages (little wizards) as well as the Grands Sages (big wizards, or big wise humans) that we are.

Everyone deserves to learn!

5. Summer/vacation job & volunteering opportunities

Summer camps and even some of our classes throughout the year offer great volunteering opportunities in addition to student jobs.

News and other updates

To join our newsletter, vote on the program or preregister to a class. Thank you so much for your interest.