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A language and communcation strategy at your fingertips

Step Up English: Business edition

Let’s start with clear goals and an effective method

Unlock your speaking skills and overcome learning plateaus to speak English with confidence – our method is ideal for levels B1+ to C2 (intermediate to advanced levels). We set goals for the group and/or individuals on the very first day. This allows us to fine-tune and adapt our courses to your needs.

Agile thinking is transformative

An interactive approach based on exchanges and experiential learning (learning by doing). Live lessons with the instructor give you immediate access to our expertise and this continues at your own pace on our elearning platform.

Personalized courses through follow-ups and monitoring

Our method is inspired by agile models, which means that it can be easily integrated into any professional environment, even internationally. The language toolkit and weekly resources are available on your designed elearning area.

Step Up Japanese

All our Japanese language and culture courses are designed on request and after close consultation with the client.

Step Up French to speak French

We will be opening the first session of Step Up French in September. We focus on beginners and intermediate learners (A1-B1).

We encourage you to schedule a discovery call with Ms Maude Vuille, Founding Director and Lead Instructor, Languages and more.