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A language and communcation strategy at your fingertips

The Language Advisory Center (LAC)

The Language Advisory Center (LAC) is a bespoke program designed to meet language support and training needs in a corporate and non-profit workplace. LAC provides users with a unique opportunity to reproduce work situations and obtain immediate feedback. The flexibility of the LAC in terms of timing and content makes it an extremely cost-effective solution.

Training and coaching centered on your company culture and structure

We set up your company’s or organization’s own LAC and provide your employees personalized and regular language practice, training and coaching, including:

  • Targeting specific issues and vocabulary or grammar structures
  • Writing practice, proofreading and reviewing of short texts
  • Reducing accent, improving rhythm, tone, speaking to be understood
  • Linguistic coaching for public speaking in a non-native language
  • International communication – reading and understanding context and subtext

We like to carefully analyze your specific needs, working environment and culture. This allows us to deliver the most appropriate services, including on-site and online intervention.

Some facts about the LAC

With a LAC in place in your business, missed-but-billed lessons are reduced to a minimum because of flexible time management and other measures. This means that the numbers on your spreadsheet reflect real learning time and not missed opportunities.

Staff and employees appreciate the LAC because it is hands-on and relevant. As a matter of fact, we have seen companies where monthly booking slots fill up in 10 minutes!

We measure your progress when needed, provide interactive online activities and other complementary services to better retain the content of the program we developed expressly for you.

This means you see real change and feel more confident.

Our highly responsive team adapts easily into your environment and schedule.

This means our program is not only relevant but well-managed.

We look forward to meeting you and encourage you to schedule a complementary 15-minute online consultation with Ms Maude Vuille, Director and Founder, Languages and more.