Close vs close – Can you say these homographs?

(In English only)

Zebras close to each other
Zebras like to stay close together.


Homographs are words with the same spelling but with different meanings AND pronunciation. This term has Greek roots: homo means the same, while graph means writing. Many of you probably learned read (present tense-bare infinitive) and read (past tense form) early on in your English way to success. Close vs Close is less widely known.

Say it with a “zzzzz” sound: /kləʊz/

When “close” means the opposite of “open”, as to open and close something, please pronounce the ending as a “z.” For example, a closed [z] door.

Examples of /kləʊz/:

  • I closed my emails. /z/
  • The case has been closed. /z/
  • The meeting drew to a close. /z/
  • Many stores have closed down and gone out of business in the recent years. /z/

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