Cocooning autour d’un bon livre pour progresser en anglais !

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There’s something about autumn that screams “cuddling” and “hot cocoa” while reading a good book. But, reading a good book is more than a simple pleasure of life: it’s a great way to improve your second/foreign language skills.

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It helps you learn and reinforce words, put them in context, learn correct (and by that I mean natural and native-like) sentence structures and, of course, gives you a sense of accomplishment.
In our Foreign language school and language advisory center Languages and More, we’re offering online conversational courses and the Book Club for intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced learners of English.

At this particular moment, we’re focusing on the New York Times 2019. bestseller, “The Alter Ego Effect” by Todd Herman, an acclaimed high-performance coach and mental game strategist.

By reading it, you’ll not only improve your English skills, but learn useful methods to improve different aspects of your life, whether private or professional.

This is the right book for anyone interested in American corporate culture, high-end executive business, Olympic athletes, and how did they get there. Hermann writes honestly and directly, in a matter-of-fact manner that is easy to follow.

We promise you 10 weeks of online meetings with international readers from every corner of the world (Switzerland, Finland, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to name some), plus unlimited access to a carefully designed online platform, where you’ll learn, review, and reinforce what you’ve read during the week.

To assure the versatility of our groups, we’ve decided to keep the price affordable to all: it’s just 79 CHF, for a ten-week course, led by native speakers and international English speakers with thousands of hours of experience in teaching English around the world.

We’ll be waiting for you on Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at 7 PM, to start this wonderful and rewarding journey.

Your teachers, Maude and Alexandra
Photo: Pixabay

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