Book Waves: English as a Second Language Book Club

What if there is a way to meet new people, take part in engaging conversations AND improve your foreign language skills?

Read in English or French and share your ideas and opinions with other readers, from all over the world.

Would you like to try out “an original concept: read books and practice English, while chatting about it with interesting people from various parts of the world.”? This is what Marija, one of the Book Waves Course participants, said about our new course.

Another participant, Jugana, wrote: I was very excited about our first English session in your virtual classroom. Now I can say it was very useful and motivating experience for me. It was great fun talking English and meeting other interesting participants. I also realized that there were some words I didn’t know, although I understood the meaning of the sentences. So I would say, more sessions would be beneficial for me. Next time I should note the words or just ask immediately what they mean.

What if, sometimes, you just need a friendly ear, somebody to talk to about the things that matter to you? What if, sometimes, you just feel like having an interesting, funny, conversation? What if, sometimes you would like to meet new friends, but you’re simply too busy or tired to go to social gatherings?

What if you could have it all? What if there is a way to meet new people, take part in engaging conversations AND improve your foreign language skills? 

We meet every Saturday at 9 am, in our virtual classroom, to have a morning coffee or tea and talk about books and poetry.

Our new offer, Book Waves: English as a second language Book Club, might be just the right course for you.

We meet every Saturday at 9 am or Wednesday at 9 pm, in our virtual classroom, to have a morning coffee or tea and talk about books and poetry that we’ve been reading (or writing ourselves!), to share interesting news articles, a recipe for Sunday roast or your granny’s famous apple pie, or just about any piece of text that we feel like sharing with others.

We take turns in reading our excerpts and then talk about them. After the lesson, each participant gets a written summary of the lesson, by email.

We are becoming friends and learning to share our interests, views, hopes, and dreams with people from all over the world, in a secure and friendly environment. We are expanding our knowledge and worldviews, learning from our peers. We practice English or French reading, speaking, enunciation (the way of articulating words clearly) and pronunciation skills.

In our last session, we hosted learners from three different countries (Switzerland, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina), with different backgrounds but a shared love for literature and English language.

We simply have a great time together.

And this is how it goes:

—Meetings: Every Saturday, from 9 to 10 am, or every Wednesday from 9 to 10 pm (you choose the preferred option. Different days and hours are available upon request). You join us online, from the comfort of your home (or your holiday home or a hotel room if you’re traveling).

—What is required: Level of English from B1 to C2. The group is open to participants 18 years old and above, due to the nature of the group, where different reading and discussion topics may arise.

—What you need: Stable internet connection, speakers, and a microphone enabled on your mobile or laptop/desktop device.

—What you prepare: Any text up to 250 words. It can be an excerpt from a novel, a poem, a news article, a culinary recipe, just about anything you like – or dislike – but feel strongly about it and would like to talk about it and share it with the group.

We work in small groups, with just three participants, two students, and a teacher/facilitator. The teacher also shares his/her reading contribution with the group.

—The aim of the course: To improve the participants’ vocabulary, diction and grammar. To practice active, real world listening and improve reading skills. To facilitate genuine, student-driven discussions, as opposed to text-driven discussions. To help students make connections between the books (articles, etc.), themselves, their cultures and the world. To promote reading for pleasure and authentic conversation. To build communities around their reading groups and make new friends.

By the end of the course: 

The participants will have increased levels of reading for pleasure, expand their vocabularies, diction, and pronunciation in English/French, practice higher-order thinking skills, such as analyzing and evaluating stories (news articles, poems, etc.) and the ideas in them, in class discussions.

Expand your vocabulary, analyze stories, articles and poems, and read for pleasure!

Why join the course?

In this book club, topics are learner-generated and the discussion is completely natural.  Students realize how enjoyable and helpful reading in English/French can be. They begin to look within themselves for ideas, opinions, and ways to share them with others in a more natural way.

Also, as adult learners become competent readers in English or French, they can enjoy fiction, newspapers, magazines and other reading materials at home, acting as reading role models for their children.

Please, send us an email to, to learn more about the course and register for the free trial session! The wonderful world of literature, laughter and proactive, student-driven language learning is waiting for you!

Your Languages and More Team

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