After-school English Program and Schedule

From 4 years old, 35/6 lessons per school year

Kids working on a project with their teacher

Friendly, dynamic English courses to give beginners the confidence and knowledge to practice speaking English while advanced learners maintain and apply skills

Everyday after school and on Wednesdays

Courses for children ages 4 and up take place in Grand-Saconnex in the Pommier and Village neigborhoods. We run courses from Monday to Saturday, start in Sepember after Jeûne Genevois, and end in June the following year.

2020-2021 English Program for Young Learners

Deductible Childcare Expenses (GE):
After-school classes from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. are tax-deductible childcare expenses (GE)

Cambridge Program: we follow the Cambridge Young Learners program which allows you to register your child for the Cambridge exams in the spring

After-school classes: from 4pm to 6pm

Your child is picked up directly from school at 4pm. No need to get home, grab a bite, settle in, and not want to step out again.

Instead, we start class with a snack (great way to speak English from the start) and move on to the program which includes games, Cambridge English activities, interactive and creative exercises to build solid foundation.

Half-day English: Wednesday mornings (1P-4P)

Half-day English: Wednesday morning (1P-4P)

The program distinguishes between beginner, intermediate and advanced/native levels of English. Half days provide an opportunity for beginners to take time to learn words and phrases, articulate new sounds and develop an ear for the language. Intermediate learners develop their vocabulary and speaking skills, while a project-based approach allows English speakers to expand their knowledge, further build more complex vocabulary and learn lots of new things!

Snack time is in English and everyone knows how to ask for what they would like to eat on the first day.

Activities in English begin at 9am and end at 12pm. Reception is possible from 8:30 am at the Espace Pom, and 8 am on request. If your child has lunch at the Italian Institute, we will drop him/her off there.

New classes on Friday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday being full, we are opening new classes that are not on the flyers your child will have received at school.

Starters 1
Age 9 +
Upon request
One-on-one lessons in the afternoon,
on request (Pommier)
limited spaces
Anglais Cambridge Starters
15h30 to 16h30, upon request
1 seat left
Starters 3, 6P +
Schedule and available seats
Langues et plus ¦ Languages and more
Last update on 13 October 2021
Further information: 078 883 93 76

2021-2022 Registration

Method and philosophy

Our courses are a blend of guided activities and play, with a focus on oral expression and vocabulary-building through games, songs, and crafts; older children and advanced levels also follow a textbook in addition to our in-house activities to consolidate foundations and grammar.

Some of the advantages of a child learning English (or another language)

Early ear training

Older children will learn grammar faster than younger children but will not necessarily have the same ability to pick up sounds, words, phrases, and then reproduce them.

Reproduce new sounds

Getting used to hearing a new sound and being able to reproduce are highly valuable skills which help a child 1) to articulate more easily (using the tongue and other muscles), and 2) to be understood by a range of speakers of English

A very good instinct knowing if something “sounds right”

This skill will guide a child through the years of school work that lie ahead.

A brain workout & excellent contextual understanding

Young children use as many reference points as possible to understand. Learning a language encourages the brain to make more connections in an effort to capture as much information as possible for comprehension.

To maintain these advantages, it is important to reinforce knowledge through repetition, practice during and outside of English class (travel, movies/media/games in English, friendships…) and review.

Set foundations for the future

The goal of our program is to give beginners a solid foundation to build on as they study throughout their school years and lives. Research indicates, and our experience confirms that children who start learning English at the age of 4 develop an “excellent” accent – that is, their English is easy to understand and corresponds to British and North American standards. They also develop an excellent ear for a wide range of accents and situations.

Advanced or native speakers consolidate and formalize English skills acquired within the family, through travel or partial schooling abroad. Our program conforms to the Cambridge curriculum for children, which allows us to measure level and achievement against a well-established international standard.

The online space is mandatory for older students and raises the awareness of their own linguistic journey.

The youngest students learn English in small groups through games, drawing, singing and speaking. Towards the fifth and sixth grades, the program reinforces the public school program and sets a solid foundation for secondary school.

Cambridge Young Learner Exams

Our program includes preparation for the Cambridge Young Learners Exams (Starters, Movers, Flyers).

How to get there

Pommier – Espace Pom (bus #3, Gardiol last stop)

The teacher collects younger children in front of the gym building between the Ecoles Tour and Pommier at 4 o’clock and brings them to the classroom. It’s possible to directly collect a child at Pommier and then go the meeting point by the gym.

Ancienne-Mairie (bus #53, Grand-Saconnex Mairie or #5, Grand-Saconnex Place)

The teacher collects children at Ecole du Village and Ecole de la Place at 4 o’clock.

Oui, je désire être informée de votre programme d'anglais et des activités connexes pour les enfants.

Yes, please keep me up-to-date on your English program and related activities for children.