English program fees

After-school English program fees: 2020-2021

These fees cover the children’s after-school English program in Grand-Saconnex. Fees are all inclusive and the yearly total comprises of school fees, supplies, food/snacks, and the yearly dues per family:

  • 34 courses per school year
  • Teatime (for two-hour and three-hour courses)
  • Books, printouts, other supplies
  • After-school pick-up (applies to certain schools only. See program.)
  • APEGS dues

Payments are made monthly, quarterly, or per year depending on the course(s) chosen. This should be discussed at the time of registration.

Course fees (34 lessons, dues, supplies, snacks)

1-hour course: 760 CHF per year (1 or 3 installments)

1.5 hours course fee: 1,110 CHF (1, 3 or 10 installments)

2-hour course fee: 1,295 CHF (1, 3 or 10 installments)

3-hour course fee: 2,315 CHF/year or 231.50 CHF/month

Holiday English and Tech Camps

Check our holiday English and Tech camp page for camp details and fees.