English Summer Camps

See you next summer in 2020, but have a read and discover what we did in 2019!

Student work: L, 9 years old

The Young Reporters Engage in Digital Storytelling

An introduction to English for beginners while intermediate and native speakers advance their skills.

Small groups, experienced native language teachers.

We need lots of hands to produce our weekly gazette! Are you a budding photographer or an artist who likes to draw and color the world as you see it? Do you want to tell stories using videos or articles? How about interviewing and reporting? Will you be the one speaking and interviewing in front of a camera or producing a narration for your digital story?

Develop your English skills through media literacy by constructing a point of view using images, videos, audio recordings and writing.

The best learning takes place through action. This is why our budding reporters are going to digitalize their week (and scoops) in English and French, as needed. We partake in indoor and outdoor activities, conduct interviews and practice our critical thinking.

The focus is on using and developing language skills, particularly English for non-native speakers, and native speakers living in a French environment. For example, a participant may interview a classmate or a local store owner in French but do the reporting in English.

We prepare our students prior to our hands-on quest for newsworthy material because we want to collect as much information through quality observation and dialogue. Beginners work with vocabulary and constructing questions and sentences, while native speakers delve more deeply into their subject. It is also possible for native English speakers to work in French, or to produce a bilingual Gazette.


01-05 July – Great interviews and food

This week is local where we interview 2 very interesting people and acquire local knowledge to turn into a compelling story. Each participant also works on a self-introduction and introduces classmates.

Finally, we’ll report on great food experience such as making smoothies, homemade sorbet, hummous, fruits, veggies and dips.

08-12 July – Sea animals

This week, the fascinating realm of sea animals brings English to your doorstep. We will discover as much as we can through games and media, and report our findings in English.

This is an excellent way to develop language skills but did you know that many sea animal names have something in common with the ordinary? For example, why is a leatherback turtle called “leatherback”? Can we find pilchards in the local supermarkets and under what name? How about the Christmas Tree Worm – can we find out how it got it’s name? And can we buy it around Christmas time?

Bring your own laptop

Although we have devices to digitalize our week, we recommend that your child bring a laptop if he or she wishes to work exclusively on digital storytelling.


We prepare healthy snacks in the morning and the afternoon such as smoothies, open-faced sandwiches, and other fruit and veggie-based delights.

Please bring a picnic lunch. There will be a microwave available for those who would like a hot lunch.


To be announced.

Speaking & Grammar: Foundations 1, 2, & 3

For elementary and secondary school students (8P-11P) or older students who need to review and consolidate the foundations of English. These workshops last 3 hours (15 hours per week) and focus on consolidating essential English skills, from A1 to B1 on the CEFR scale.

Des jeunes parlent entre eux et discutent la valeur d'ne remise à niveau d'anglais.

How to enroll?

Forms will be available in February 2020. See you then!