Online courses and tutoring

Under the right conditions, online courses are very effective.

under the right conditions, online courses are highly effective

English online courses, tutoring and exam preparation

  • Speaking practice and fluency building
  • Vocabulary enrichment and writing practice
  • Reading to accelerate your child’s progress in the five skills
  • Assistance with English homework

Flat rate for 1 to 3 participants

Flat rate for 1 to 3 participants, such as friends or siblings. Cost sharing is easy with split billing.

What are the main benefits for you?

  • Manage your schedule throughout the school year, with regular or occasional classes.
  • Schedule specific or additional classes before exams
  • Request a personalized program, for example to master the use of tenses or to ensure the basics.
  • Track your progress and review with weekly notes
  • Study with friends and benefit from the energy and momentum of the group
  • Reduce travel, so your children can be more relaxed

Our teachers’ caring and structured lessons build the confidence and skills of our young learners

Will this work out for you and your family?

An initial call or email exchange will establish your goals.

The basic program reinforces oral expression, enriches vocabulary and offers writing and listening exercises to develop the so-called language skills: speaking, interacting (conversation), reading, writing and listening.

After discussion by email or in person, the teacher will compose the learning plan for the term.

You will then have the option of purchasing a 10-hour, 20-hour or 30-hour course card.

Pace of lessons

  • 10 hours for occasional lessons, for example, before an exam
  • 20 hours for courses spread over the year to complement what your child(ren) are studying at school, for example
  • 30 hours for the personalized annual program

What’s next?

First, contact us through the short form below, so we can get back to you and discuss the aim of your child’s or children’s language lessons.

You will then have the opportunity to purchase a 10-hour card, a 20-hour card, or a 30-hour card.

  • 10-hours for occasional lessons
  • 20-hours to stretch out lessons over the year as a supplement to what your child(ren) are studying at school
  • 30-hours for the yearly program aligned with you and your child’s or children’s learning objectives

Cancellation / Rescheduling of a lesson

If you have purchased one of the above cards, a lesson cancelled in the morning before 8am is automatically marked as a rescheduled lesson and is not deducted from your total available lessons.

It’s easy to study with multiple families with split billing.

Stay informed

Get the latest about language acquisition and learning, and occasional updates about our English-language programs for children.

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