Online courses and tutoring

Family studies English together
Learn & practice together

Online learning means combining the best of elearning and face-to-face courses. We focused on adding as much flexibility through student-managed time management and pricing.

Did you know that research shows working on a buddy system is conducive to better learning? Some say it is a question of peer pressure. I like to think that languages are meant to be spoken, so it is logical to practice as much as possible – and bringing a friend or colleague helps you reach common goals.

One last point. How about people who learn better on their own? They may be shy or like to set their own pace. They may want to ask lots of questions but don’t feel comfortable interrupting a group lesson.

Online courses, 1 to 3 participants

Three generations learning together

We accept 1-3 learners, either on one screen (everyone is in the same room), or on separate screens (participants are in separate locations).

For example, do you want to learn English with your buddies, colleagues, or grandparents? How about friends or cousins in another town, canton or country? NO problem.

Do you want a regular or an occasional private lesson? NO problem. You are free to schedule a private lesson or a group lesson at any time. Just let the teacher know ahead of time.

Freedom to choose: Private or group lessons at the same price

How much does education costs and is it worth it?

The lesson price remains the same and gives you so much flexibility!

Do regular private courses drain your budget? NO problem. Share the costs by dividing by 2 or 3, depending on the number of co-participants.

Do you want to jazz it up and have private lessons in general but revise with your friends before an exam, or practice a mock interview with colleagues? NO problem. Schedule a session and let the instructor know if there’s a change.

Flexible lesson time

This woman took English courses by extending her coffee break once per week
A 30-minute lesson/week makes a difference!

Scheduling is based on slots, or units, of 30 minutes.

Choose how long your lesson lasts

You may stack these units of 30 minutes to make a 60-minute or 90-minute lesson. Choose the best fit for your schedule. One day, you may have 30 minutes to spare. So schedule a 30-minute lesson. On another day, book a 60-minute lesson.

For example, a lesson from 8 am to 8.30 am takes up 1 slot (unit of 30 minutes), while a lesson from 8 am to 9.30 am takes up 3 slots (90 minutes).

Slots and appointments – how does that work?

Go to the main booking page and select the desired lesson duration time. Book the time and date that suit you on the calendar page. This system works well for on-off lessons, or if you need to speak to an English teacher right away: For example, before sending an important email or to practice and get immediate feedback on a business presentation or exposé.

To complete the booking, add your credit card details or a PayPal account (via Stripe). It is a secure connection and we do not retain your financial information. It remains secure on Stripe, one of the best-known online payment portals.

Multi-course cards

a woman speaks to a man in a business setting
Relax and explain your stance

A multi-course card allows you to plan ahead or to schedule right away – check the calendar for openings- and offers these advantages on various plans:

  • Receive a complementary lesson or two (1-2 slots)
  • Use lessons over 6 months to a year
  • Easily schedule via a password-protected link

Lesson Content – what do you need?

Study and feel good about meeting people and doing small talk
Feels good to meet people now!

Conversation or accent reduction? Grammar or writing? Speaking and presentation skills?

When you firs schedule a lesson, please add a brief overview of your goals. We can also schedule a telephone or online consultation when you program several lessons at once and send you the Goals and Objectives form.


Beginner and pre-intermediate

Speaking and conversation: use to remember – this is the best way to integrate what is learned at school. It’s an active way of retaining grammar and sentence construction, too.

At the same time, we’ll make sure your child has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of English, from A1 to B1, including tenses, grammar, vocabulary and phrasal verbs. We can also prepare your child to Cambridge exams, such as the Starters-Movers-Flyers-KET and PET.

Study by yourself and sometimes with your friends

Intermediate and advanced levels

Master your tenses, practice an exposé or read us your essay. Upon request, we will also prepare your child to Cambridge exams, such as the FCE (first), Proficiency or TOEFLS.

How do lessons take place?

Participants go to our online classroom at the given time. They are admitted by the teacher.

FAQs – coming soon

Until the FAQs are ready, please email us or call +41 78 883 93 76.