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This page is dedicated to associations and social businesses that share values similar to Languages and more’s: be kind, be green, and be open. In other words, let us celebrate initiatives that focus with integrity on families, our multicultural communities, social entrepreneurship, and the environment.

Let’s begin!

Workshops on emotions, for 5 to 8 year olds

decouvrir ses emotions, pour les 5 à 8 ans

Inspired by our training on Graines de Magie

❤ Magic Activities focused on joy and well-being to develop kindness, empathy, listening skills, creativity, confidence, self-esteem, respect for oneself and for others. Our workshops begin on 7 October 7; from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. ❤️

Action pour l’hiver – 13 December 2019 in Grand-Sacconex

Perhaps you’ve seen scraves hanging on trees or lamposts around Geneva, especially as winter rolls in and we run and grab our winter apparel. We take the opportunity in this giving season to donate scarves. They are free to take.

Before participating, one question we will be discussing with our students in English class is whether people who are not homeless are allowed to take something home. We believe so because a gift is a gift, and although those in need will benefit, perhaps a lonely scarf can bring warmth and joy to someone’s heart.

More information on our Facebook page. This video from a Belgian school also highlights the principles behind Action pour l’hiver.

La semaine des étoiles in favor of UNICEF

We organized a “donation-swap” in favor of Unicef during the Semaine des étoiles, time when children collect money for children around the world.

We talked some about Unicef and drew pictures. Then, we went on to swap toys and books – but before we could put a price on items, students and families had already filled the Unicef cardboard collection box. This was just as nice actually. It means we made a donation to participate in the exchange of books and toys.


Ecological and fun, this is a nice way to relieve parents rushing to extracurricular activities. This service can pick up a group of kids and bring them to English classes, for example (naturellment).