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Multicourse-20 Student Card

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The Multicourse-20 Student Card includes 20 hours of English (A1-C2) over 12 months, extended teaching hours before end of term and end of year exams, 30 to 90 minute courses, for 1 to 3 students. Get one complementary lesson (60 minutes, or 2 x 30 minutes). Easy online booking.

The number of cards is limited!

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A multicourse card gives you a certain number of hours throughout the year. The Multicourse-20 Student Card is a limited special offer that includes:

  • 20 hours of English (A1-C2) over 12 months
  • Extended teaching hours before end of term and end of year exams (Saturday, Sunday, evening courses)
  • Choose course duration: 30, 60, or 90 minutes
  • Open for 1 to 3 participants
  • Receive complementary hour lesson (2 x 30 minutes)
  • Easy online booking

How to use lesson time?

One option is for us to set a program to suit your age, goals and level of English. For higher level students, we can focus on specific issues such as tenses and phrasal verbs, speaking, or writing. Finally, please use us to practice for an oral exam, or let us help you write better essays. Please note we do not write your essays for school.

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