Feel at Home French – early bird special

We are fortunate to live in a diverse and international region – La Genève Internationale extending to la Riviera lémanique and further inland and in the mountains of Suisse Romande, the French part of Switzerland.

But a recurring issue for those who move to this part of Switzerland seems to be French – and we often hear variations of “My French is terrible!”

Hurdles to learning French

Some of you feel guilty, self-conscious, afraid of making another mistake and dread it when people switch to English ten seconds after you’ve started speaking. A lot of times, it’s simply that “the locals” like to practice speaking English with you.

And the crazy thing is that in some parts of Switzerland, you can get by without French. But does it feel like home?

This is why we designed the Feel at Home French Club for you to practice speaking French and network with others working towards similar goals.

Feel at Home French is all about speaking and networking to feel at home here in CH.

Our Club opens after Easter on April 6th and welcomes levels A2-B1, or beginner to intermediate.

Feel at Home French is the place where you can:

  • ask questions – a feel of a drop-in center
  • network
  • learn from your peers
  • practice speaking French in a warm and welcoming environment

How does it work?

This subscription service includes:

  • Two live online conversation classes per week to accommodate a range of scheduling needs, like working professionals or stay at home parents
  • Access to your online area with interactive listening and speaking activities
  • Discussion forums

There is always an opportunity to connect and use French. This program is designed to develop, reactivate and/or maintain your French listening and speaking skills.

It is a place to make meaningful connections and acquire knowledge to make you feel at home in French here in switzerland.

Go ahead and book a first call – we’ll see if it is an ideal solution for you. The early bird special runs until March 16th.

Forget the form – book a discovery call here