Special offers: End of year exams

Extended hours – time management – attractive pricing to help you get through final exams!

This month, our online courses are designed for students – this means an extended schedule covering weekends and evenings, as well as early morning for early risers.

You can manage your money too by choosing private or semi-private lessons. We accept 1 to 3 participants per lesson: do you work better alone or prefer to have a friend or two with you? Price-wise, this means that you can split the bill, too.

Best of all, scheduling is easy and practical. You can organize 30-, 60- or 90-minute lessons, depending on your free time. It doesn’t have to be the same each time either. Scheduling an appointment takes less than a minute.

Immediate feedback

Do you have an exposé? Essays or a thesis? Speaking exams? Do you need to master tenses – some or all of them? Sometimes, getting an immediate feedback is the best learning experience.

Special offers - anything for you today?


Courses are transferrable – if you have finished your exams and still have a couple of lessons booked, pass them on to a friend!

Extended hours – Scheduled Saturday, Sunday, and evening lessons!

Prices for students – More than 15% discount on usual prices.

The Multicourse-20 card includes the above advantages, and allows you to spead your lessons over the school year and to get bonus hours. And remember, these deals are even more interesting when you book with a friend and can split the price accordingly.