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Pathways to fluency: for intermediate to advanced speakers of English (link)

You’ve been studying English for years and you’re still missing the right word, the tenses are troublesome, and expanding the conversation isn’t easy? You are not alone and the solution is to practice English so that you take in information (take in, input) and rephrase it (output), express your opinion, tell an event, tell a story, or participate in a meeting, for example.

That’s why Speaking Clubs are the best way (apart from living or working in a 100% English-speaking environment) to move from “good to great” when it comes to vocabulary, grammar and oral skills and to maintain your overall language skills.

Our Clubs are accessible and engaging, offering our members the opportunity to practice and transform themselves into a person who can express themselves at meetings, find the right word, network and engage in great conversations, while discovering new opportunities with their confident and proficient “English self”.

Join our program for free and take advantage of the two attractive Speaking Club offers, such as the Speaking Club’s Book Club which starts on October 1st and lasts 10 weeks.

19-23 October English Storytelling in the morning and Japanese arts in the afternoon (link)

Affordable prices ranging from 250 to 350 CHF per week and a 20% discount for siblings.