Les pandores – run to your car and avoid a ticket…

Pandora and les pandores – a connection? Are you familiar with Greek mythology? Do you recall the beautiful Pandora victim of her own curiosity and insubordination? She inadvertently let out all evils into this world when she opened a BOX-that-should-have-stayed-unopened because she-was-told-NOT-to-open-it-under-any-circumstances. So when you hear someone discretely referring to police officers as les pandores, you might … Read more

The hands of time

The pointers of a clock or watch are called “hands”: the second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand. Note that there is no final “s” to “second, minute, hour”. In French, hands turn into needles → les aiguilles d’une montre ou d’une horloge. L’aiguille des secondes, des minutes et des heures. The French … Read more

chez moi – chez le docteur

Chez, as in chez moi, or chez le docteur is one of my favorite expressions because of its link to another way of life – villages booming with small businesses where everyone knows everyone’s name. Use chez moi, chez toi, chez lui, chez elle, chez nous, chez vous, chez eux to talk about someone’s home, … Read more

80? Did you say 80?

70 and 90 aren’t so straightforward either! Swiss-French, or the French spoken in Switzerland has its own regional flavor. The most obvious one will be counting from 70 to 99. For review: 70   septante (CH, B) – soixante-dix (F)71   septante et un – soixante et onze72   septante-deux – soixante-douze73   septante-trois – soixante-treize74   septante-quatre – soixante-quatorze75   septante-cinq – soixante-quinze76   septante-six – soixante-seize77   septante-sept … Read more

I miss you

Girl already missing friends as her train pulls out the station

I miss you, or do you miss me? Get ready for some brain juggling on the verb to miss! Can you spot the difference in sentence construction between: Tu me manques and I miss you? Miss and manquer: a question of personal pronouns Indeed, in English “I” does the missing, while in French, “you” are … Read more