Testimonials – English courses for children in Grand-Saconnex

Feedback from parents and children in English classes at Le Pommier and Ancienne-Mairie

testimonials parents-kids - temoignages parent-enfant

Merci madame, c’est grâce à vous que l’anglais, c’est facile pour moi au cycle.


A bright student, but he’s done the work. How did our English course help out ? He went into middle school understanding a lot about English grammar structure and ready to learn more fast.

She wants to come to school as early as possible on Wednesday mornings!


I can’t believe how much they learn!

T et O’s dad

We never have a problem waking him up on Wednesdays. He loves coming to your class.

A’s parents

In all modesty, we have been hearing these kinds of comments every year for over 10 years. Thank you very much.

She can’t stop speaking English now. It has changed her relationship with her family abroad. We couldn’t be happier.

C’s parents

During the test, I simply remembered our songs, and I got a lot of answers that way. It also worked during the speaking exam. I love our songs.

M.E. in 7P, Geneva public school

Sometimes, childish songs aren’t so childish after all 🙂

Thanks again for the online classes these last weeks… The kids love going and it structures their day! It’s been a lifesaver, and you didn’t skip a beat, starting right away after lock down.

A.B. – mother of 2, June 2021

English pronunciation is easy for many people, but that was not the case at home. Starting English early has been very helpful. He listens, thinks and learns to articulate the different sounds. It would have been much more difficult in a few years.

A’s mother

This is an interesting point. English sounds are very difficult for some children who then need time to try new sounds in a reassuring and stimulating environment before they start to feel embarrassed and stop speaking. We take the time to work on conversation and pronunciation. What does this mean?

It means that

  1. the child is easily understood when speaking English
  2. child learns to use mouth and jaw muscles in a different way, making it easier to speak
  3. feels confident

It’s getting harder for us to speak at the dinner table. They understand too much.

E.D., mother of two

I’m not surprised. First, understanding a dinner table conversation that you are not supposed to understand is motivating and rewarding. It gives children positive attention and praise (You sure practiced in English class!). English (and other language classes) turns them into sharper communicators – they become more aware of context, similar words, and facial and other expressions.

They comment on my pronunciation: I understand, mom, but the teacher doesn’t say it like that’.

N.C., mother of two

Talk about training the ear! This comment is amusing, in a way. First, it shows that this child is sensitive to sounds and has integrated English sounds that are different from his native language. This child also has clear and impeccable pronunciation. Is this important? What is important is that he or she is able to play with rhythm, emphasis and sounds and come up with an easy-to-understand English that will make him or her a great communicator.

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