Holiday workshops

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We regularly run holiday workshops following the calendar of Geneva public schools. Themes include:

  • Mastering tenses, grammar, and phrasal verbs
  • Creative workshops using computers skills and storytelling to develop language skills
  • Speaking and drama to improve fluency
  • Developping writing skills and literacy
  • Mastering elementary school English (7P-8P) to prepare for middle school (cycle d’orientation), focused on A1-A2 vocabulary and grammar


A short week and two short workshops, one for children starting age 4 and the other for teens.

July-August 2019

Starting 01 July

The Young Reporters are back, and they are digital creatives advancing their English skills through storytelling and media literacy. This includes thematic vocabulary, taking photos and making videos, writing, and drawing to report on indoor and outdoor activities, interviews, and light sports. Here is one of our student’s creations – she’s ten:

In August, our programme of intensive Speaking and Grammar courses ensure your child acquires the necessary foundations of English.


Week of 21 to 25 October 2019


Week of 10 to 14 February 2020

July – August

Starting the week of 29 June 2020