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Terms and conditions - Languages and more
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Thank you for reading the terms and conditions of our children, adult, and online courses

Young learner English courses and workshops


Registration for yearly courses is the full school year. Registration to workshops is for the duration of each workshop.

School supplies

We provide all school supplies, including books, although we may ask your child to bring certain items for special occasions (photos, flash drive, mugs, etc.).

Workshop fees include all supplies and snacks. Participants should bring a pic-nic. A microwave is available.


Fees are here. Fees for school supplies vary, depending on course length and special books, if required. There is no registration fee. Pick-up at school is included in the price (some classes only, please check the programme).

Workshop fees are shown on the workshop description and booking pages.

Dues to the local parents’ association are extra, at the cost of 30 CHF per family per school year. This amount is included in the invoice, and the dues are then reimbursed to the association.

Free trial course and cancellations

One or two free trial courses are recommended, with the agreement of the director or trainer. Registration is for the full school year. Mid-year cancellations are charged up to the end of the trimester.

Workshop fees are 50% refunable 7 days prior to the workshop starting date, and 100% refundable 8 or more days before the workshop starting date.


Invoices are paid by trimester or by the year. Two- and three-hour courses do offer you the opportunity to modify  installments.

Workshops must be paid one week before the workshop starting date or at registration.

We encourage ebanking which allows us to keep our fees to a minimum. It is also possible to pay via the pink slips (bulletin de versement) at any Swiss post office.Banking details are as follows:

Langues ET PLUS
Chemin Taverney 1
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
CCP: 12-594214-5 
IBAN: CH64 0900 0000 1259 4214 5


A 10% deduction is offered for two children and applied to the most expensive course. This does not apply to workshops at the present time, unless specifically stated in the programme.

Workshops: Special rates apply to groups of 6 or more children. This is shown on the workshop information pages.

No deductions are given for extended vacation, absences or tardiness.


Please, inform your child’s teacher if your child is absent, or send a text message to 078 883 93 76, OR 24h hours in advance, do email us at maude@languagesandmore.com. This is imperative, particularly for very young learners whom we collect at the local schools.

Vacation and other holidays

Classes begin after the Geneva holiday “Jeûne genevois”, the second Thursday in September, and follow the same schedule as Geneva public school vacation, with three usual exceptions:

  • We start our winter break one week before the official Geneva public school Christmas holidays begin in December.
  • No classes takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Easter Break. There is a half-week of classes at public schools before the official start of the Easter holiday.

Finally, we usually stop 2 weeks before the official end of public school in Geneva. Many students are absent because of end of year activities or early summer departures.

Please check the yearly calendar sent to enrolled families.


It is under the responsibility of each family to cover their child/children against accidents, as required by Swiss law.

Terms and conditions: Online courses

Scheduling an appointment

Single appointments are scheduled and pre-paid online via Stripe or PayPal on the course appointment pages. Each course is valid for the time and date scheduled.

There are two ways of booking several lessons at once. The first is to purchase a multicourse card or package (starting from 5 hours). The second way is to schedule your lessons on the calendar and make separate payments.

Multicourse cards or packages offer greater flexibility in terms of cancellation or rescheduling.

There is no refund for single appointments but you may ask to reschedule or transfer your lesson to another party. We will reschedule to the best of ability, depending on an instructor’s availability and your schedule. If you transfer your course to a third party, please let us know for administrative and pedogogical purposes.

Missed appointments

Email reminders are sent out and we urge you to leave us your mobile phone number at registration so that we may call you or send reminders via Whatsapp.

The occasional missed appointments are rescheduled to the best of our ability.

Multicourse cards or packages

Multicourse course and packages provide the following flexibility:

  • Five-hour cards are valid for 3 months.
  • Ten-hour cards are valid 6 months.
  • Twenty-hour cards are valid for 12 months.

Courses duration can be set at 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. If you would like to schedule a longer course, please email us ahead of time. Your personal booking page allows you to reschedule a course up to 4 hours before the course starting time and date.

Access to the online platform and community is free with a multicourse card or package.

Managing lesson / coursetime with the multicourse cards or packages

Lessons are organized in 30-minute time slots. You may “stack” lessons to set up a 60-minute or 90-minute course. For example, an appointment from 8.30 to 9 fills one slot. Scheduling 8.30 to 9.30 fills two slots and gives you a 60-minute lesson.

It is possible to schedule lessons 3 months in advance (hours may be limited in July and August), either on a regular basis or as needed. For example, our system allows you to schedule one 30-minute lesson one week and a 90-minute one another week.

Courses duration can be set at 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. If you would like to schedule a longer course, please email us ahead of time.

Number of participants

The maximum number of partipants allowed is shown on the scheduling calendar or course pages.

We recommend using 1 computer (screen) if all participants are in the same room because of sound issues. Young children are welcome with their parents. Our system encourages you to have a language partner, grandparent or friend with you.

Technology used in online courses

Our courses take place in our virtual classrooms. There is no need to download an application on Windows or Apple computers. Tablets and iPhones need an application. We recommend Google Chrome (Windows or Apple) or Firefox. We recommend that you accept your browser’s notifications to use the microphone and camera before our first course.

Other technologies are possible such as Skype, upon request or if a backup technology is needed due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please check each appointment for course location.


Your feedback is important to us and help us improve our services. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Modification of Terms & Conditions

Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE reserves to right to modify these terms and conditions, as available on www.languagesandmore.com/terms.

Thank you for your time and attention.

The Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE Team