About us

Established in 2005 by Ms Maude Vuille, Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE offers a range of language courses for adult and young learners.

Teaching allows me to share my Swiss and American heritage from linguisitc and cultural points of view. I’ll add Japan’s influence as well because my experience in the Japanese school system also shaped my methodology and teaching style. I feel fortunate to draw my educational inspiration and some of my know-how from rich and complementary educational traditions.

In the beginning

We started out with a handful of students running creative English workshops using art and technology to develop our students’ language and computer skills. Now, we run classes every day for primary school students and schedule workshops throughout the year.

In 2009, we added adult language courses to the menu and in 2018 a range of online courses for adult and young learners.

Creativity and business sense at your service

We draw from our experience and design bespoke solutions to meet language support and training needs in a corporate environment. One of our favorite challenges is to get to know you, your business culture, and the needs of your staff to provide the right approach and programme. Our team is extremely responsive, and this enables us to tackle projects and offer cost-effective solutions.

We provide on-site and online services via the Languages Advisory Center (LAC).

Our clientèle includes VIPs, professional and support staff from the following:

  • international organizations
  • diplomatic circles
  • multinationals
  • private businesses

Young learners – personal and welcoming

Young learner courses are family-oriented: Some of our classes include an after-school pick-up service at local schools (in Grand-Saconnex). If a course runs over 1 hour, we share a teatime snack – it’s a great opportunity to practice authentic English and everyone works better on a full stomach.

We are a Cambridge exam preparation center and accompany a number of young learners to exams every year.

All courses provide access to a range of online activities, either through our online platform or other external resources.

Young learner course locations

Ancienne-Mairie, Espace Pom’ in Grand-Saconnex, close to the airport, Balexert and international organizations.

About young learners

Over 90% of our young learners speak two or more languages. A large percentage follow official language programs at diplomatic missions or cutural centers in one of their parents’ native languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italien, Russian, Hungarian, Arabic, or Japanese , to name a few, in addition to attending public school in French.

A minority are monolingual. However, the more we know about ourselves and our families, there is always a mix of cultures, even if it concerns one end of the canton of Geneva and the other. As a result, we would agree that the most important factor in learning English and adapting to a bilingual or plurilingual setting is the mindset. Monolinguals have other skills and also make excellent progress!

Online courses – flexible and effective

We have a range of instructor-lead, online courses designed help our students develop skills and achieve goals while keeping a busy schedule. We also wanted to provide more opportunities for speaking and exchange and welcome up to 3 participants in private online sessions.

A short class fits in while your child is napping, or if she’s around, it’s short enough to spend time and learn together.

An extended “coffee break” lesson, or a lunchtime class works well to maintain language skills or to work slowly but surely on mid- to long-term goals, such as increased fluency, accent reduction or good writing.


We take great pride in the quality of our trainers, who are qualified, experienced, and personable. Teacher trainees are welcome to assist trainers in young learner courses or workshops.

Our team

Maude Vuille walking in the forest
A teacher outside of the classroom and offline.

Maude Vuille

Ms. Maude Vuille is Swiss-American et the founder and director of Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE. She is a resourceful, technologically aware and communications-oriented English teacher with a degree in Japanese language from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the United States. She began her teaching career in Asia in 1991 and worked in editing and training in the public and private sectors before actively going back to teaching and education.

As a friendly, helpful and patient teacher with a great sense of humour, Maude has been teaching language courses in Geneva for over fifteen years. Her teaching style is professional, structured and student-centred.

Aleksandra Bosiocic Dronjic

Ms. Aleksandra Bosiocic Dronjic is a seasoned English teacher with more than 4.000 hours of experience in teaching English to students of all ages and proficiency levels, from zero beginners to native speakers. She has been a professional journalist for more than 20 years.

Aleksandra’s Business English instruction received top marks from adult learners and resulted in one student’s outstanding promotion within an international organization. She has demonstrated excellent class management skills and the capacity to independently develop and adjust the curriculum to student needs and expectations. Her teaching style is professional, structured and student-centred.

Aleksandra is on sabatical at this time but we very much look forward to her return!

Image credits

Our favorite resources include Pixabay, StockUnlimited, StoryboardThat, Pexels, and Flickr CCO Creative Commons. Sometimes, Maude draws a little something as well. If we have modified it or created a scene, our copyright applies and we would ask to your contact us to use or download these images.