About us

Established in 2005 by Ms Maude Vuille, Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE offers a range of language courses for adult and young learners.

Since 2005, we have been designing and delivering friendly, interactive language courses using dynamic resources to give students plenty of opportunities to practice and improve speaking skills in practical, bespoke and creative situations.

Practical and goal-oriented means, for example, unlocking your potential by giving you the skills and confidence to write what you need in your performance appraisal, speaking out at meetings or finally getting a sought-after promotion.

Creative and learner-focused, means, for example, using computers and technology to set the stage for learning experiences, such as children writing a narrative and recording voice-overs in English as they create videos, or inviting them to collaborate with their grandparents on special, multimedia projects.


We take great pride in the quality of our trainers, who are qualified, experienced, and personable. Teacher trainees are welcome to assist trainers in young learner courses or workshops.

Our team

Maude Vuille walking in the forest
A teacher outside of the classroom and offline.

Maude Vuille (Ms)

Ms. Maude Vuille is Swiss-American et the founder and director of Langues ET PLUS ¦ Languages AND MORE. She is a resourceful, technologically aware and communications-oriented English teacher with a degree in Japanese language from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, the United States. She began her teaching career in Asia in 1991 and worked in editing and training in the public and private sectors before actively going back to teaching and education.

As a friendly, helpful and patient teacher with a great sense of humour, Maude has been teaching language courses in Geneva for over fifteen years. Her teaching style is professional, structured and student-centred. Contact Maude here.

Aleksandra Bosiocic Dronjic (Ms)

Ms. Aleksandra Bosiocic Dronjic is a seasoned English teacher with more than 4.000 hours of experience in teaching English to students of all ages and proficiency levels, from zero beginners to native speakers. She has been a professional journalist for more than 20 years.

Aleksandra’s Business English instruction received top marks from adult learners and resulted in one student’s outstanding promotion within an international organization. She has demonstrated excellent class management skills and the capacity to independently develop and adjust the curriculum to student needs and expectations. Her teaching style is professional, structured and student-centred.

Hiromi Sano (Ms)

Biography coming shortly.

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