Play a cute interactive Easter memory game and boost your English

Easter has come round the corner and in this time of social distancing, containment or lockdown, it’s always nice to take breather and play a game.

Of course, children know this, don’t they! And as adults, we can take a break and play with or without them!

Interactive content

When activities are interactive, your children learn more. In this case, players need to listen to the audio recordings which sometimes give clues. We do this game in video lessons as well, and it’s a favorite: the teacher shares her screen, and the participants give the teacher instructions to find pairs.

Total beginners might need your help on this one. We are looking for cards that are alike in content, or similar, but not the same. The audio recordings aren’t the same either and are put into context. Have fun and play as much as you wish – load a new game with “Retry” or refresh your browser.

When you’re done, play last year’s memory game here.

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