Special offers

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All current special offers are listed below.

End of year exams – special offer for students

The month of May is around the corner and for many students, this means end of year exams! Not necessarily Cambridge exams but school exams, whether you are in elementary, junior, or high school, or studying at the university.


This special offer for students includes extended hours, reduced rates for studying with friends, multi-course cards, transferrable lessons or plans.

Group bookings – summer workshops

Groups of 5 or more children receive a discount on full-day English Workshops:

  • From 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, July-August 2019
  • Ages 7 to 14.
  • 5 children: 430 CHF per child per week, saving 20 CHF off regular price
  • 6 children: 400 CHF per week per child, saving 50 CHF off regular price
  • 7 or more: 375 CHF per week per child, saving 75 CHF off regular price

We adapt the number of teachers to the number of students.