English and digital storytelling summer camps

A range of activities for kids, teens, friends and even grandparents!

Project-based learning

Summer camps are an opportunity to introduce English to beginners while while intermediate and native speakers advance their skills. Instead of summer school, we decided to propose summer projects!

Project-based learning is effective because participants are part of an experience, and experiences are easier to “retrieve”, in other words to remember. For example, do you remember lots of True/False questions from a test long ago? You might remember the crowds, your friends, the tension how you felt that day, though.

Learn by doing

The best learning takes place through action. This is why the children create videos and write texts on subjects they are passionate about! Languages used are English and French, as needed.

Although we all had one basic introductory video to master the apps and understanding the value of a storyboard, our participants were terribly excited to move on to their interest.

It didn’t end there. One discovered she loves writing and along with her video, she wrote a colorful journal, learned how to use another application and even translated some of her articles.

Inspiration and media literacy

Our eager participants worked on narrative texts and their voice-overs in English, engaging ways to practice speaking, pronunciation and writing. We even went over French spelling and conjugation as the writers decided to translate some of the content they liked best!

She doesn’t realize the future value of the skills she is developing! We were so impressed by her work – it’s hard to believe how much she produced in one week!

C’s dad

Campers acquire media literacy through storytelling and video creation, revealing talent and self-discovery. Listening to your own voice? Yikes! Thinking critically, as the right words and images come together : Is this the message I want to convey?

Some children made videos for family members.

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift – the videos are priceless.

One happy grandma

How about grand-parents and grand-children spending time together to record family memories?

Grandma was thrilled by her grand-sons’ videos, but…this year, how about having grandma behind the computer, too (some of the time), with her grandchildren?

We’ve designed Summer camps to give generations an opportunity to collaborate and structure their time around a personal project while learning useful computer skills. These are not available every year.

Media and computer literacy has become more and more important for seniors as well as for children. Basic computer skills unlock the potential to go further – for seniors, this is a way to keep in touch with up-to-date trends, while children learn valuable future skills and family stories.

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