Your English skills, a book and hot cocoa

There’s something about autumn that screams “cuddling” and “hot cocoa” while reading a good book. But, reading a good book is more than a simple pleasure of life: it’s a great way to improve your second/foreign language skills. It helps you learn and reinforce words, put them in context, learn correct (and by that I … Read more

20% off until 30 September 2020

It pays to plan ahead – book for the year and get 20% off the full price. And if you have study buddies, then it is even more affordable. Whatsapp us directly or call +1 78 883 93 76 But first, check the Special Offers to see if there still are any lesson packs left at … Read more

Heatwave – other ways to say “It’s hot!”

It’s summer and depending where you are…it seems you are always saying how hot it is! Small talk, we all do it. But how about using new words to describe the weather!

In this video, find out how to say more and step up your summer English.

Have a look at our Speaking Clubs and Book Clubs as well to unlock your speaking skills and speak with confidence. In the meantime, practice listening as well and have a great watching the cool video below.

English and digital storytelling summer camps

A range of activities for kids, teens, friends and even grandparents! Project-based learning Summer camps are an opportunity to introduce English to beginners while while intermediate and native speakers advance their skills. Instead of summer school, we decided to propose summer projects! Project-based learning is effective because participants are part of an experience, and experiences … Read more

Play our Covid Show-and-tell memory game in English

We’ve always done show-and-tells in the classroom, so the first week of “Covid” online classes mi-March, I asked the kids to show everyone one of their favorite toys and later turned this experience into interactive content. Two girls had animal cards with them, so lots of new words came out! Review with games This memory … Read more

La parole en musique & la politique pour vaincre le Covid-19

Un entretien vidéo touchant et informatif sur la prévention du Covid-19, particulièrement en Afrique, de Bobi Wine, chanteur-compositeur, activiste social et parlementaire ugandais. 🇺🇬 Le Covid-19 redéfinit nos liens sociaux en imposant la distance. Le mettre en musique permet non seulement de diffuser des informations clés mais aussi de se sentir plus léger et connecté … Read more

Special offers: End of year exams

Extended hours – time management – attractive pricing to help you get through final exams! This month, our online courses are designed for students – this means an extended schedule covering weekends and evenings, as well as early morning for early risers. You can manage your money too by choosing private or semi-private lessons. We … Read more

Introduction to English, ages 4+

Songs, games, crafts, and stories – there is no better way to introduce kids to the world of English. Date and time: 23 to 26 April 2019 Age: 4 to 8 year olds Location: Chemin Tornay 1, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Registration: Bookings are now closed. Find the current programme on the Workshops pages.

Interactive Easter memory game: learn your plurals!

There are lots of way to play this game to work on your pronunciation, listening and vocabulary skills, especially to diffierentiate singular and pluraln sounds. Nothing stops adults from enjoying it either! Listen, repeat, and find matches. Listen carefully for differences between singular and plural words, like rabbit vs rabbits Play several times because each … Read more

Intoduction to English, from age 4

drawing cherry blossoms

Songs, games, crafts, and stories – there is no better way to introduce kids to the world of English than through some good playtime! Date and time: 23 to 26 April 2019 Age: 4 to 8 year olds Location: Chemin Tornay 1, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex Registration: Enrollment is now closed.

Easter: English for teens

English workshops for teens: A fun and educational activity during Easter Break to review key English basics through interactive content and conversation. Special focus on tenses and conversation. For 13 to 17 year olds. Workshops take place in Grand-Saconnex. Details and registration are below. Registration is over.

UK vs US English: quite vs quite

Quite true, Richard Richard Branson explains it very well in his book Like a Virgin – Secrets they won’t teach you at business school when explaining a potential misunderstanding with an American music industry executive: “It came down to our differing interpretation of the word ‘quite’. In British usage, if someone says, ‘I think you … Read more